On Victory Day 9th of may the veteran of war received a gift in mark of «Honda Stream»


On Victory Day 9th of may the veteran of war received a gift in mark of «Honda Stream»

On the basis of orders of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic  from 12/16/2013 of year №492 and the Plenipotentiary representative of the Government  of the Kyrgyz Republic  in Jalal-Abad area from 1/10/2014 of year  №1 in order to organize the event, devoted to 69 anniversary  of the Victory Day of the Great Patriotic War had been developed order of regional state administration from 4/24/2014  №80  and confirmed  the plan of measures  directed to holding  of the holiday.

Celebratory ceremony has begun with a parade march of pupils of comprehensive schools, sportsmen and workers from various regional  institutions and the organizations and regional department of physical  culture and sports which have stopped in Park of Z. Kydyrov  near the monument,  devoted to war  heroes  and has followed minute of silence  and has been read the prayer in memory of heroes of war.

On 9th of May veteran of war  N. Nurmanbetov and hero of work M. Omuraliev have been handed the money presents from name of President of Kyrgyz Republic and governor of Jalal-Abad area. Also district state administration together with Kargalyk rural district and gold-mining factory Makmalaltyn  gave the car of  mark “Honda Strim” which costs 250000 som. Moreover  the district state administration, heads of rural districts and gold-mining factory “Makmalaltyn”, the regional centre of hospitality and microcredit company “Bai-Tushum" have handed to widows of war heroes and veterans of war money presents 33,0 thousand som.

Then the holiday has proceeded with concert program, organized by regional  department  of physical culture and sport. In conclusion of celebratory ceremony has been organized the dinner to widows of war heroes  and veterans of Afghan war from Kargalyk rural district in café “Makmal”.

For holding this holiday spent  343,0 thousand som.

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